Marble & stone cutting

In marble, granite and stone working, either in quarries or workshops or stone processing factories, water has multiple applications. From cutting to polishing, water is necessary to avoid the over-heating of tools and reduce dust produced in various processes.

Then, water needs to be treated in order to be re-used in the closed production cycle or to be discharged in the environment safely.

Matec filter press is perfect to produce dry cakes with a 15% residual moisture and recover 99% of water, occupying the minimum amount of space.

stone cutting
stone cutting
stone cutting


United Kingdom United Kingdom stone cutting icon

500×500 15 plates

Client Farmington Masonry
Location United Kingdom
TPH 0.66
LPM 600 / GPM 160
Cycles 3
Italy Italy stone cutting icon

1000×1000 20 PLATES

Client Santoro Marmi
Location Italy
TPH 4.5
LPM 7200 / GPM 1900
Cycles 3
Italy Italy stone cutting icon

400×400 5 plates

Client Cava Gioia
Location Italy
TPH 0.17
LPM 200 / GPM 52
Cycles 3/4